Your home is an extension of your energy field.  

All of these services are performed remotely only.


Following your purchase, I'll reach out to you personally to collect your information and select a date. 



Home Spiritual Energy Clearings

Why do this for your home? Think of it as an energetic spring cleaning – out with stagnant, non-beneficial energy.  Like a spring cleaning but something, really, that can be done at any time. Due to the present world circumstances, lots of us now have an opportunity to rearrange, reorganize and clear physical clutter out of homes.

Energy is everywhere, just like electricity or radio waves, we can’t necessarily see it.  Our homes have layers of energy – from our occupancy, all the former occupants who have ever lived there to the ancestors of the land have all left their energetic imprint.

  • If you just feel stuck, maybe the energy in your home is keeping you stuck in the past.
  • Stagnant energy, especially now with families in self-isolation and not getting out.
  • A loss such as a death, bankruptcy, divorce
  • A historical or century home
  • A rental home
  • An occupant (current or previous) has had a serious or lingering illness.
  • Antiques in your home
  • Homes that you are about to put on the market and would like it to sell quickly
  • Getting a fresh start in a home that you are about to move into
  • Part of regular maintenance of the home, just like physical cleaning and organizing
  • During any major life transition – marriage, new baby, new pets, new job.

By dowsing and using a variety of other tools, I can help transform the negative or non-beneficial energy of your home to positive/beneficial that can make you and your whole family feel lighter, brighter, more cheery and creative.  Just like Molly Maid but on an energetic level.





Business Spiritual Energy Clearings 

Just like your home, a business is full of energy as well. While we hope it's positive energy, that's not always the case. Why might you want to perform a spiritual energy clearing on your business?

  • Improve your current business cash flow
  • If your business is for sale or has recently moved to a new site





Personal & Pet Spiritual Clearings

Why invest in a personal spiritual clearing?

  • If you just feel stuck
  • Blocked creativity
  • Have a large amount of stress
  • Have experienced a serious illness or accident
  • Have suffered a head injury
  • Mental or emotional trauma
  • Have witnessed a tragedy
  • Have profound grief or depression
  • Have spent time in a hospital, hospice or funeral home
  • Have had a major life transition
  • You are a healer and work with other people's energy fields

Situations calling for a spiritual clearing for your pet:

  • It has suffered an illness or an accident
  • Has lived in multiple households
  • Is a rescue
  • Has suffered abuse
  • Is suddenly displaying undesirable behaviours





"If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla